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Shashank Anal

Shashank Anal

Shashank Anal (born November 9, 1996) is an Indian Entrepreneur, Web Developer and Photographer. He is Founder & CEO of DIPT Recognized Startup Teqtive IT Services Pvt Ltd and Xooom Services.

Teqtive IT Services Pvt Ltd ( provides ERP, CRM and other technical solutions to startups and business and XOOOM is a delivery app for food, grocery and other essentials.

Teqtive IT Service Pvt Ltd has been founded by Shashank Anal in May 2019 with the keen vision of creating an online presence for business and startups by providing them technical support as per their need. Shashank Anal, a Lovely Professional University Graduate has been involved in such services since 2015 and has served many startups and businesses till date.

With a dedication of providing quality service to businesses and startup at an affordable price, he promises to keep the things ongoing in the future as well. Aiming to set a milestone for his competitors, he is committed to making Teqtive, the largest service provider in the next 5 years.